The BCCI has requested that Team India players take quick showers due to a lack of water in Harare.

The BCCI has requested that Team India players take quick showers due to a lack of water in Harare. ‘Harare’s water situation is dire,’ said a BCCI official.

Team India is in Harare for a three-match One-Day International (ODI) series against Zimbabwe, which begins on Thursday, August 18. Meanwhile, due to a lack of water supply in the city, the BCCI has ask its team members to take as little time as possible for showers.

According to the BCCI, the water situation in Harare is “severe. ” The players have been instructed not to waste water at any cost. They also stated that the team’s pool sessions have been reduce in order to avoid wasting water.

“Yes, the water situation in Harare is critical, and the players have been informed,” a BCCI official told InsideSport. “They have been instruct to use as little water as possible and to take baths as quickly as possible. ” Pool sessions have also been reduce to save water.”

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‘For the past three weeks, Harare West and other parts of Harare No running water.’

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira, a Zimbabwean politician, state on social media that some parts of Harare have been without running water for three weeks, which is a violation of Section 77 of the country’s constitution, which addresses the right to safe, clean, and potable water.

“Harare West in particular, and other parts of Harare, have had no running water for the past three weeks,” Masarira tweeted. “Because water is life, its scarcity endangers people’s health and sanitation.” @cohsunshinecity (Harare’s governing body) and the local government ministry should stop playing with people’s lives and make water available to all as soon as possible. We can’t be debating water availability issues in this day and age.”

Masarira stated in a series of tweets that people’s lives matter and that those in positions of power have failed to fulfill their responsibilities. She also state that the city’s governing body cannot be spare and must be held accountable for the failure to provide safe and clean water.

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