KL Rahul’s message to Justin Langer on India’s coach role

 KL Rahul’s message to Justin Langer on India’s coach role. Ricky Ponting and Justin Langer both declined to become head coach of India.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) approached Justin Langer, the head coach of the Lucknow Super Giants and a former cricket player from Australia, about leading the Indian squad. The 53-year-old, however, reject the offer and said he wasn’t ready to take on that level of responsibility just yet.

Langer explain his reasons, stating that he spoke with India cricketer KL Rahul, who pointed out that there is a lot of politics and pressure that the former Australia international will have to deal with if he takes on the role. He thought it was “good advice” but eventually decide not to follow it. However, Langer kept the door open for the future because he thought it was an “awesome job.”

“That would be a fantastic job, but I’ve (withdrawn myself from consideration). ” I also understand that it’s a comprehensive role, and after four years with the Australian squad, I can tell you that it’s really draining. And that is the role of the Australian, Langer stated on the BBC program Stumped.

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KL Rahul: You never assert that something will never happen

The pressure to complete it in India “You know, if you think there’s pressure and politics in an IPL team. Multiply that by a thousand, (that’s) coaching India,” KL Rahul state to me during our conversation. I suppose that was a wise piece of advise. “It’s not for me right now, but it would be an amazing job,” he continued.

“It would be an amazing job, (but) I have (taken myself out of consideration). I also understand that it is an all-encompassing role, and after four years with the Australian team, I can honestly say that it is exhausting. And that is the Australian job,” Langer said on the BBC’s Stumped podcast.

“You don’t say never. The pressure to do it in India… I was speaking with KL Rahul, and he said, “You know, if you think there’s pressure and politics in an IPL team, multiply that by a thousand; that’s coaching India.” That was good advice, I suppose. “It would be an amazing job, but not for me right now,” he added.

Meanwhile, former cricketer and current Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting too opted out after BCCI approached him earlier at the moment. Ponting, who has been named the new head coach of Washington Freedom in the MLC stated that taking up the role of the head coach of the Indian cricket team would require him to remain away from the family for almost a year, which is something that doesn’t suit his lifestyle.

The BCCI has made contact with Indian player Gautam Gambhir. A meeting between the two is anticipate following the May 26 IPL final. However, rumors state that Harbhajan Singh has indicated his interest in accepting the position. BCCI officials communicate with Mahela Jayawardene and Stephen Fleming, two foreign nationals.

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