Salman Butt answers to Simon Doull’s statement about Virat Kohli being a ‘personal milestone’

Salman Butt answers to Simon Doull’s statement about Virat Kohli being a personal milestone. “He [Kohli] has accomplished so much.” He is not required to prove anything to anyone. “He’s not competing for a spot on the RCB team,” Butt explained.

Former New Zealand cricketer Simon Doull recently came forth to remark on Virat Kohli’s performance against the Lucknow Super Giants in the 15th match of the IPL 2023 at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Doull chastise Kohli for his strike rate, claiming he waited too long to get his half-century. “Virat Kohli needed 10 balls to get from 42 to 50.” Personal achievements have no place in this game any more. “I don’t think there’s room for that in this format,” Simon Doull’s statement on the air.

Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt has defended himself in response to Doull’s remarks. “When he was in Pakistan, he said similar things about Babar Azam. If he had consciously watch the game, he would’ve noticed that Kohli tried to hit Bishnoi three or four times but missed.” It’s all part of the game. Butt added on his YouTube program, “He has 75 centuries in international cricket.”

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Virat Kohli doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone: Salman Butt

Butt believes that with Kohli’s level of success, the 34-year-old has nothing to prove to anyone. He also remarked on the fact that players like Babar Azam, Kane Williamson, and Virat Kohli are recognize for their ability to score regularly rather than their slogging.

“He accomplish so much.” He is not require to prove anything to anyone. He is not competing for a spot on the RCB team. Is he desperate to obtain 50 or to show the world that he is kind to the world by getting another fifty? It’s nonsense. It’s complete nonsense. What is he attempting to accomplish by speaking in this manner? “He played cricket, but as a bowler,” Butt explained.

“Get a life, for God’s sake.” You can’t say that about a well-known player. These players are not sloggers, whether it’s Kane Williamson, Babar Azam, or Virat Kohli. They respect nice balls and then compensate by trying for monster shots. “Their frequency of big scores is simply due to the fact that they don’t give away their wickets; they place a high value on their wickets,” he said.

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