Top 10 of Best Cricket Teams

Top 10 of Best Cricket Teams: Popular in many Asian and European countries, Cricket is a game that has stolen thunder in various other sports for years.

It found its roots in England in the 16th century, but shortly thereafter became the national sport of England two centuries later.

Since then, it has been performed all over the world. The International Cricket Council has played an active role in organizing various games at the national and international levels.

It hosts World Cup games, test series, ODI games, and now 20 games in several countries. The game is played between two opposing teams, each consisting of 11 players.

To reach a challenging goal, each team needs to hit, but the other team needs to reach that goal. These teams consist of a combination of several batters, bowlers, and fielders.

The distinctive six, limits and outs make this game look more interesting to fans.

Overall Top 10 of Best Cricket Teams by ICC Ranking


The Australian cricket team has held the crown of the cricket empire for many years. It is considered to be the best cricket team in the world. In 2011.

The team set a record of winning 34 consecutive World Cup games. Of the 869 ODI games played, the team won 537 games, a big win over their opponents. Not only in ODI, but also in performance in a series of tests in the first place.


New Zealand’s national cricket team, the Blackcap Steam, is ranked second by the ICC. The team began their ODI career in 1972 with their first match against Pakistan. Since then, it has found a way to a higher pedestal of success.

At the 2015 World Cup, the team advanced to the final and ended the tournament as a team runner-up.


The Indian cricket team is ranked high in the ICC ranking of ODI games and number one in the T20 due to the combination of various talented players who are doing a great job under the captain of MS Dhoni. It is ranked in.

The Indian national team was initially weak but has grown significantly since the 1970s. The team has been able to become a world champion twice in history.


South Africa has continued to perform well in the history of cricket and maintains its position in the ICC rankings. It ranks fourth on the list of the 10 best cricket teams in the world. He played more than 547 ODI games, of which he won about 337.

This year, he remained at the top of all categories, finishing in 4th place with a slight difference in the total number of points earned.


The Sri Lankan team is also known as the Lions for their excellence in their cricket career. It ranks fifth on the list of the 10 best cricket teams in the world. The team founded an international ODI company in 1926 and quickly achieved great success in the 1990s when they won the first World Cup in cricket history in 1996.

The team also made a name for themselves by reaching the World Cup T20 in 2014.


Next up was a great British team, ranked sixth in the latest ICC rankings. Out of a total of 666 ODI games played by this team, 352 have been won. It is also ranked 6th in 20 games and 5th in friendly game performance. The team also won 32 games in Ash.


The Bangladesh National Cricket Team is an official member of the ICC and made its first ODI with Pakistan at the 1986 Asia Cup. Cricket became very popular in Bangladesh in the late 1990s.

Surprisingly, it surpassed its ranking and proved its excellence on the list of many great international teams.


Throughout the history of cricket, Pakistan’s national cricket team has played about 858 ODI games, of which about 452 have been won. It is currently ranked 8th on the list of the 10 best click teams in the world.

The team managed to reach the world championship in 1992. His performance at last year’s World Cup led him to the quarterfinals, losing to Australia and influencing his overall ranking at ODI, but in 20 games the team played in 7th place.


The West Indies are recognized as the ninth-best team in the world for their performance in the ODI series. This is the third-best Twenty team in the world.

The team is trained under the guidance of Phil Simmons and has some of the most talented all-rounders in the world. Her recent defeat against Sri Lankan at the 2015 ODI World Cup has significantly reduced her position.


Cricket has been play on the streets of Afghanistan since 1995, but its national cricket team joined the ICC in 2001. Since then, it has appeared in several ODI games and even in the World Cup. The first debut Cricket World Cup in 2015 wasn’t a big win, but its performance was worth praising.

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